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Alyson is Back

Alyson is Back. She brings you the great news about the Broadcasting Workshop Series 2018/2019 - it has been extended to 15 February 2019. Don't miss the last chance. Start writing the script and recording now.

Programme Archive
Teen Time Student Reporters 2013

Kait, Avi, Christy and Jeremy join Alyson to talk about their feelings of being Teen Time Student Reporters of 2013.

Teen Time Student Reporter - Kait
Last but not least, we're glad to have Kaity Shirley to be our Teen Time Student Reporter this week.  Go to our album page to see more of he...
Teen Time Student Reporter 2013 - Jeremy

Having finished my one-week stint on Teen Time, I realized just how much effort and time it takes to be an outstanding DJ like Aly. I've learned some ...

Teen Time Student Reporter 2013 - Christy Leung

My adventure at RTHK 3 is such a BLAST! It is literately a highlight of my summer. Missed the chance last year, I felt so blessed to be one of the fou...

Teen Time Student Reporter 2013 - Avi Bharwaney

Summer. A time of fun and relaxation, full of movies, games, football and parties at the beach. However, this summer wasn’t like any other summe...

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