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Alyson is Back

Alyson is Back. She brings you the great news about the Broadcasting Workshop Series 2018/2019 - it has been extended to 15 February 2019. Don't miss the last chance. Start writing the script and recording now.

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Broadcasting Workshop Series 2018/19 school year


RTHK Radio 3’s Teen Time

Broadcasting Workshop Series 2018/19 school year

Broadcast Like A Pro 


Deadline extended ...

Alyson is cheering for DSE students

The DSE results has been released on July 11. Alyson Hau is cheering for you and supporting you whatever your result -- standard, not so great, or exc...

Campus Radio Workshop Series - Result Announcement

Hello Teentimers! Thank you for supporting Teen Time’s Campus Radio Workshop Series. With the help of our professional judges, we've selected 1...

Cheer up, DSE students

Alyson and Teen Time are on your back!

Broadcast Like A Pro - with theme - UNSUNG HERO

HI All, we are so glad to have invited the following guests to be our honourable judges:

Mr. Christopher Ng, Head of English for Education Systems, B...

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