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Teen Timers, cheer up!

We understand our Teen Timers may face huge pressure in schools and during DSE exam seasons, Alyson would like to give you a big hug and open her ears for you.

Teen Timers, cheer up!

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Broadcast Like A Pro - with theme - UNSUNG HERO

Hi Teentimers! We are running a special Campus Radio workshop series starting later this year. DJs, producers, and technical support teams from RTHK...

New School Year Resolution 2016

Tell us your creative New School Year resolution to win a goodie bag.

Please write your creative New School Year resolution on this our facebook page...

Teen Time - Chopsticks fun with Sam, Kurt and Max

A little chopsticks fun with Sam, Kurt and Max. Guess who won!

DSE shoutouts

HI DSE students, Alyson would like to give you a shoutout and wish you luck on 13 July, the release date of DSE Results.

[DSE Time]: Cheer for your friends and win $200 book coupons on Teen Time

Alyson gives a shout-out to support DSE students who have been studying very hard for the exams.
If you want to share her idea and want to cheer for ...

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