Lunar New Year Style

Hey there, and you’re with me, Jen Su - wishing you a Happy New Year on Stylefyle — ringing in 2020 and Chinese New Year! This Saturday marks the ushering in, of the Lunar New Year of the Rat.  More specifically, the Metal Rat — and the Rat is the first in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. 

So what does the Year of the Rat symbolise for us? The good things about the Year of the Rat — are that the rat, symbolises strong vitality.  One reason is that the rat has a strong reproductive capacity with a high survival rate, and about 5,000 babies are born to one female rat each year.  The other reason is the rat’s fertility.

Another good thing about the Rat, is that it symbolises intelligence in culture — the rat is both cute, and smart at the same time.  Rats are timid and cautious, yet very alert and have an acute sense of smell — rats are like cats, in that they can fall down from the high roofs and land on their feet perfectly fine.  They also swim and breathe easily underwater and can survive many natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. 

The bad things about the Year of the Rat, are that since it’s not one of those animals we’re too crazy about — the rat definitely has a negative connotation.  It’s a pest that we want to get rid of — and that also means, for this coming Lunar New Year, that we’ll want to get rid of this year, too!

So, how can we make this coming Lunar New Year, work for us?  Keeping a flexible and open mind, will make your life much easier.  Make the most of new opportunities, and turn tragedy and a glass half empty — into opportunity and a new challenge with a glass half full.

Your lucky numbers are: 2,3,6, and 8.  Avoid the numbers 4,5, and 9.  Your lucky colours are gold blue and green.  You should decorate in red, purple or green — which attract wealth and prosperity.  Avoid yellow and brown.  Your luckiest month, will be December. 

Your lucky flower is the lily.  Speaking of lucky — bring more flowers into your space.  Not only do fresh flowers help to oxygenate the home — but they help to get rid of negative energy and “clean up” the house — so to say.

Move furniture around to create space, and get rid of anything that you just don’t need or that doesn’t feel right in your home.  Yes, it’s time to go “Maria Kondo” and get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.”  Also keep the front entrance and the entryway of your home free of clutter.

A diffuser with lavender oils — as well as lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus — will bring in much needed antibacterial properties, to uplift and enhance the space and clean the air in your room.  It refreshes the mental, emotional, and physical senses, giving you a new sense of energy and purpose.

Your home should have a combination of both clean spaces, and a sentimental mix of art and handicrafts from your travels, photos of you and your loved ones, family, parents, kids, and memories that are dear to you.  

The best way to attract money in the Year of the Rat — is to keep your kitchen clean.  Especially the stove and the kitchen table — keep it clean and clutter-free.  

The best way to attract love in the Year of the Rat — is to double up on everything in the home.  Think “Shuang” — which means “double” in Chinese.  So instead of a single chair in the corner, have two chairs in the sitting area, two nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed, for balance.  You want to create the energy of a partnership around you. 

Your bedroom should have soft monochrome neutral and grey colour tones, for maximum relaxation.  Also, try banning any electronic devices from your bedroom, and watch you sleep SO much better! Enough sleep is key to a healthy mind and body.

And that is your Lunar New Year style! Happy Year of the Rat, gong xi fa cai !

2020-01-20 by Jennifer Su
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