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Mindfulness Part.2

Last week, we were talking about mindfulness. It has many benefits and advantages such as efficiency and productivity, less stressful days, emotional intelligence, and a happier life. 

Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which one develops through the practice of meditation and through other training.

With the stress so many of us are encountering lately, we thought we’d put together some more mindfulness ideas and activities. 

Have a break occasionally. There is nothing wrong with relaxing and taking a break from school, from the stresses at home, or even from the drama in the friendship circle. The break periods are as important as the responsibilities because breaks improve a person’s well-being. Therefore, he is able to function well and better.

Sketch, doodle and draw. This is one of the more creative ways to jot down what one feels, thinks, or says. Doodling or drawing helps us be more mindful in a way that it makes it easier for him to put into paper what our emotions or thoughts are.

Eat healthy. It is a helpful mindfulness exercise to be cautious about what is being eaten. When a person is aware of what he puts in his mouth, that means he is being mindful. Not only will this help develop mindfulness, but this will also benefit teens in such a way that it will make them more well-rounded and able to participate actively in a lot of activities.

Try sports. Any sport would boast of its ability to discipline athletes and form their character. A person engaged in sports has to be mindful of the rules of the game, his movements, and his opponent/s. He must also be diligent enough to practice and keep going even though he is physically tired.

Try meditating. This is different from yoga. Meditation could only involve sitting in one corner and finding your center. It is just being silent while being mindful of the external sounds, the surroundings, and your breathing. This is one of the best ways to start the day.

Spend a day at the park. People watch. Lie down and let the sun hit your face. Breathe in, breathe out. Sometimes, doing just the simple things makes a person more mindful of his feelings, thoughts, and surroundings.

Play crosswords or other puzzles. Pick up the daily newspaper and answer the crossword. Not only will this help you gain more knowledge about current events and other trivial things, but this will also stimulate brain activity and exercise thought process.

It’s a bit tricky at the moment, but if you can visit an art museum or outdoor sculpture park. There is nothing much to do here but observe and appreciate. Artwork helps you explore your imagination. It’s a great way to come up with different ideas or explanations and appreciate them in very unique ways.

Make a bucket list. This is one of the more exciting mindfulness activities for teens. The bucket list serves as a list of the things they want to do. It will feel fulfilling if they are able to tick off items from that list.

Establish a routine. Although not a lot of people would feel comfortable with this, establishing a routine is one of the best ways to get things done. When you’re aware of where you are in your day’s plan you’re more likely to get stuff done.

Interact with your community. Talk to your neighbours, smile at people in the street. Getting to know people and being able to share about your own life is also one of the ways to better understand things and to be better understood. This is more important now than it has ever been, as people are feeling anxious, fighting for resources and groceries and regarding one another with suspicion. It would be nice to be able to talk to people in your community.

Avoid multitasking. It almost never works. Get things done one at a time for a better and more quality-ensured work. Learn time management. The secret to being successful in completing tasks daily is proper time management. It cannot be learned overnight, but by constant practice.

Have space in your home where you can sit to think. It is healthy to not be doing anything at some point in your day and just think. Re-think. What else are you supposed to do? What have you accomplished? Where did you fail?

And – like so many things when it comes to modern life – why not try a mindfulness apps? A couple you could try: 

Stop, Breathe, and Think: it allows teens to name their feelings and determine their emotions. Then, they have guided meditations. The app also teaches emotional intelligence.

Smiling Mind: this app is developed with the help of psychologists and experts in meditation in order to allow its users, especially teens, to have a balanced life.

Headspace: “Meditation made simple”. Teens can try this and start with simple processes on how to meditate.

Go forth, Mindful Savvy Earth Savers and see how you can use this time to become even wiser, bolder, stronger and smarter—and happier than ever before. 

2020-03-13 by Cruzanne Macalligan
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