Dating from a Distance

Hi there and a warm welcome to Stylefyle, I’m Jen Su, where we bring you all the latest trends in style, fashion, and social etiquette.  This week, we delve into dating from a distance.  Yes, we’ve been using them for a while now, but dating in the age of coronavirus means a lot of virtual dating, at least in the beginning. 

Whether it’s Coffee Meets Bagel, Feeld, TanTan, Momo, WeChat, Tinder, Facebook Dating, and Instagram, there’s a lot out there in terms of meeting that special someone, from a distance. 

And yes, in the age of coronavirus, even with places opening up – where 10 years ago, you’d have maybe 3 per cent of the population approve of online dating – now over 90 per cent of people are open to virtual dating and dating apps. 

Because sometimes, let’s face it – it’s a lot easier, quicker and cheaper to check someone out on a first date, with a videochat.

So what are some tips for navigating the “new normal”?

Chief Dating Expert on, Rachel Dealto – says keeping it short and simple on a first virtual date, is the way to go.

(Rachel Dealto)

Looking your best and dressing “smart casual” is a nice way to show that you like to keep well groomed.  If you look neat and clean, and keep your language polite, friendly and clean as well, it always makes a good first impression!

Using a beautifying filter can give you confidence – and some soft warm lighting helps as well.

Too much makeup or wearing very revealing outfits, can sometimes send out the wrong message to the other person, and is not advisable on that first date. 

Remember to keep the background of your virtual date, looking neat and nice, and neutral – remember the focus is YOU.  If you’ve got nowhere to videochat but in a corner of your flat where you’ve got piles of dirty laundry, empty pizza boxes, and old newspapers lying around in the background – best to grab that virtual background – fast.  I mean seriously, would you want to date someone who looks like they live in a pigpen?

Dating coach Ryan Patrick thinks that girls should break with tradition, and ask the guy out on a virtual date. 

Another good virtual dating tip is during that first date, hold off on talking about yourself, and get him talking – then you’ve got something to save, for the next date.  He’ll feel more invested in getting to know you. And hopefully he’ll have some good questions for you.

One good thing about dating in the coronavirus age is that conversation, and getting to know someone first, is what will be more important, rather than just jumping into a physical relationship.

Our Stylefyle tips for that first date from a distance?

1)   Try to be natural, but recognize that dating from a distance will be different, and sometimes might not work out.

2)   Try not to vent and complain on the first date. Keep the date 15-20 minutes, not dragging on too long.

3)   Smile, stay positive, and get to know the other person – let them find out more about you the next time.

And remember, if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay – just remember—thank you, next! There’s always gonna be another fish in the sea.

For Stylefyle, I’m Jen Su – next time we meet, we’re going to be part of an exciting new TeenTime coming to you in June – in the meanwhile, have a great week, bye for now!

2020-05-25 by Jennifer Su
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