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Carmit Bachar (Hebrew: ‫ ;כרמית בכר‬born September 4, 1974) is an American singer, dancer, model and actress. She was a member of the sucessful pop/R&B group, The Pussycat Dolls and one of the main vocalists of the group, along with Nicole Scherzinger and Melody Thornton.

Carmit was born in Los Angeles with a cleft lip and pallete, her father is of Israeli and Indonesian descent, while her mother is of Dutch and Chinese descent.Raised in Encino, California. Both parents were dancers; her mother worked as a dance teacher at Bancroft Middle School of Performing Arts and her father worked with Elvis Presley and Marcel Marceau.

Carmit competed internationally as a rhythmic gymnast for 10 years, and placed 5th in the U.S. Olympic trials in 1992. During her career competing on the U.S. National Team, she attended Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles, studying music, dance, piano and viola.

Carmit was a member of the Pussycat Dolls longer than any other performer joining in 1995 while they were a burlesque show. She was instrumental in getting PCD signed when in 2002, she brought her friend Gwen Stefani to perform at the Pussycat Dolls show. Gwen brought along Interscope's Ron Fair and Jimmy Iovine. Later, the Dolls got signed at Interscope Records.

Carmit left the group in February 2008, since then she has been working tirelessly as an ambassador for Operation Smile a children's medical charity that provides cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide, assists countries in reaching self-sufficiency with these surgeries and works to reduce the occurrence of cleft lips and palates.

She is currently recording her debut album with a debut solo single to be released early 2011.

Here on TT AP with a Global Exclusive - This is Carmit Bachar with a beautiful song she did for Operation Smile this is Keep On Smiling

2011-04-14 by Simon Willson
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