Plastic Surgery for Teens – The Pros and Cons

Hi there and a warm welcome to Stylefyle, I'm Jennifer Su. Tonight we're going to talk about the number one talked-about surgery for teens - and that's plastic surgery. What are the pros and cons of plastic surgery for teens? Let's find out tonight, in Stylefyle.

According to a number of research studies, the number of teens wanting plastic surgery has tripled, and in some areas, even quadrupled from 2003 to 2012. It's a disturbing trend where teens believe that undergoing major surgery is a "quick fix" to their problems and often times the celebrity culture that so dominates the world today undermines the seriousness of plastic surgery and the potentially fatal complications that can happen.

With the growth of social network - girls and guys have to "look hot", and it can put a lot of pressure on teens - many times causing them to lose self confidence - especially if they get a bad comment or a tease on Facebook. Bullying can often lead teenagers to want to "fix" themselves so that they look beautiful and are approved by others.

It's important to consider that as a teenager, not all aspects of development are fully in place, making surgery premature, dangerous, and perhaps even unnecessary. For instance, a 13 year-old interested in a nose job or rhinoplasty - should wait some years before the nose is fully shaped and matured.

Teens are often chasing false perfection. They base their decision to have fuller lips, perfect noses, larger breasts or a flatter stomach - by looking at celebrity images or photos in magazines, which are often airbrushed, photoshopped or enhanced.

Complications can arise with plastic surgery, including death, infection and scarring.

According to the "Journal of Adolescent Health", breast implants in adolescents is one of the most popular and plastic surgeries for teens. Implant companies have reported that most young women or teenagers have at least one serious complication within the first three years. Most implants last only 10 years, which means that teenagers could undergo several surgeries throughout a lifetime. It can also interfere with breastfeeding when they have children.

Lipo, or Liposuction is another big procedure for teens. However, due to many teens still maturing and their bodies still forming - there are risks of having liposuction such as infection, damage to nerves and vital organs, and excessive fluid loss that could be fatal.

Most teens have the metabolism and energy to lose weight naturally and should try more non-surgical methods to lose weight and look slimmer.

There are many potential complications associated with any type of surgery that uses anesthesia or sedation, which can also be fatal. There's often bruising and scarring and pain that lasts for many weeks too.

These cosmetic procedures are often very expensive and not covered by medical insurance as they're not for a medical or life-threatening condition. It's different if the teen has had a physical deformity that he or she was born with, may have had a horrible and scarring accident.

But just to look like Angelina Jolie or the girls of the Playboy Mansion - it's important to look at your own proportions, your ethnicity, and your own unique features. For instance, a very slim and petite Chinese teenage girl may look too top heavy and even "overweight", it can look unnatural and too fake if she decides to enhance herself up top like Kim Kardashian.

The important thing is that before undergoing any surgery, weigh out the pros and cons. Because after all, it is surgery - and complications can arise.

One of the greatest pros of cosmetic surgery is that it can build self-esteem and confidence. Teens can feel like they can fit in with others socially, they might feel like their clothes look better on them, and their enhancements can make them feel more confident.

The cons are that while a plastic surgeon can do his best to give you the physical look you have always imagined, they cannot fix who you are on the inside. And never do plastic surgery just because someone else told you to do so. The decision has to come from you. It can also be painful and sometimes the desired results can take quite a lot of time, and even several surgeries.

So what do you think are the pros and cons of plastic surgery for teens? Let us know by tweeting us @TeenTimeRTHK For Teen Time Stylefyle, I'm Jennifer Su. Have a great weekend!

2012-08-31 by Jennifer Su
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