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新聞稿 Press Release
RTHK Lunar New Year Celebration for the Year of the Boar
Joint Greetings from Local Electronic Media

  To mark another prosperous year in the Year of the Boar, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) invited distinctive guests from the local electronic media to celebrate the most jubilant of Chinese festivals and to send their greetings to the public today (11th February).

  The title of the “RTHK Lunar New Year Celebration for the Year of the Boar” was inscribed by calligraphy master LAM Ping-sun while the venue was decorated with New Year ink paintings by young painters with an exhibition area displaying different art pieces to spice up the festive atmosphere. The Guest-of-Honour, Under Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Dr. Bernard CHAN, officiated a kick-off ceremony with Director of Broadcasting LEUNG Ka-wing after their speeches. They then hosted the ribbon-tying and eye-dotting ceremonies for the traditional lion dance performance and expressed wishes for good fortune in the future. The Celebration also featured carol singing by singer Alfred HUI and Munsang College Primary School Choir, as well as “the New Three Little Pigs” drama by RTHK presenter YIM King and a group of primary students. Not only did they capture the excitement of celebrations, they also extended their blessings to the audience in laughter.

  Director of Broadcasting LEUNG Ka-wing mentioned in his speech that RTHK looked ahead to new developments in 2019. RTHK TV31 will begin 24-hour operations in April and the last batch of fill-in stations will also commence services, extending the network coverage of RTHK digital terrestrial television service to 99% of Hong Kong population. As for programmes, radio, television and new media services will join effort to promote “Healthy Hong Kong”.  Educational programmes focusing on health will be produced. Besides the new series of “Doctor and You”,“A Beautiful Mind”, “Golden Age” and “Running Hong Kong”, the new programmes “Dementia Drama” and “Bitter Uncle”, a documentary analyzing the mentality of the male Hongkongers, will also be produced. In addition, RTHK will relay more sports games to promote sportsmanship. A webpage "Healthy Hong Kong” will be launched on RTHK website to showcase all productions related to “health & sports”, and videos will be shared via new media to promote sports for all.

  The Celebration was complimented by a Chinese couplet written by the veteran media practitioner YEUNG Shui-sang, which expressed good wishes for the New Year. Director of Information Services Cathy CHU and the representatives of nine significant electronic media organizations also extended their greetings to the audience in the event. They included Director & Chief Executive Officer of Dim Sum Television Co. Ltd. (HK) SZETO Kit; Director of Fantastic TV Ltd. Fiona LEE; Director of News & Public Affairs, Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co. Ltd. WONG Wing-hang; General Manager of Hong Kong Television Entertainment Co. Ltd. – ViuTV LO Ting-fai; Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, i-Cable Communications Ltd. CHENG Sai-ho; Managing Director of Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd. SUNG Man-hei; Vice President of Sales Management and Partnership, Now TV, PCCW Media Ltd. Winne LUI; Executive Head of Phoenix HK Channel, Phoenix Satellite TV Co. Ltd. Cecilia NG; and General Manager of Television Broadcasts Ltd. CHEONG Sin-keung.

  “RTHK Lunar New Year Celebration for the Year of the Boar” was hosted by RTHK presenters Alex LEE and Kity CHOI. It was broadcast live at 2:30pm on Radio 2 (FM 94.8 – 96.9), RTHK TV31 and 31A. It can also be found on RTHK website (rthk.hk/radio; tv.rthk.hk) and mobile applications “RTHK Mine” and “RTHK Screen”.

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