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新聞稿 Press Release
RTHK English TV Programme The Pulse is back
First Episode: “Housing - A Crisis in Land Supply?” - A forum on Land Supply for Housing

   The Pulse is RTHK’s English-language current affairs programme that takes the pulse of Hong Kong and the world around it. The programme is presented by locally and internationally known journalist and writer Steve Vines.

     The Pulse is back for a new series on 15 September (this Saturday).  As an opening programme, a forum titled “Housing - A Crisis in Land Supply?” was organised to discuss the perennial shortage of affordable housing in Hong Kong.

     In April, the Task Force on Land Supply launched a five-month public consultation.  18 options were given for the public to choose from and to express which they consider most suitable to free up land over the next ten years. To encourage more discussion of the issue and convey the government’s plan and ideas to the public, The Pulse organised a forum today (12 September) at RTHK TV House.

    Speakers at the forum included Stanley Wong Yuen-fai, Chairman of Task Force on Land Supply; Marco Wu Moon-hoi, Former Chairman of Hong Kong Housing Authority; James Tien Pei-chun, Honorary Chairman of Liberal Party; Albert Lai Kwong-tak, Policy Committee Convenor of The Professional Commons and Ryan Ip Man-ki, Senior Researcher of Our Hong Kong Foundation. Housing and environmental concern groups were also invited to express their opinions.

     From 15 September, the new series of The Pulse will be broadcast every Saturday on RTHK TV31 & 31A at 6pm and Hong Kong International Business Channel (Fantastic Television Channel 76) at 9pm.  Live broadcasts and programme archive will be available on RTHK website (tv.rthk.hk) and mobile application RTHK Screen.