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新聞稿 Press Release
RTHK Strengthens Services of Local Radio Channels
Young Design Talent Created a New Series of “90+ Logo”

  Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has commenced its broadcast services for 90 years. Being the sole public service broadcaster in Hong Kong, RTHK has kept evolving by introducing new services via radio, television and new media platforms for catering to the needs and interests of different sectors in the society. To further strengthen the image and identity of 6 local radio channels and their recently fine-tuned directions, as well as to unify the styles of the logo of each channel, RTHK joined hands with Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) to organize a“90+ Logo Design Initiative”, and invited Hong Kong young design talents to create a new series of “90+ Logo”. The designs of up and coming designer Jason KWAN were selected. A press conference announcing the new logos was held today (3 April).

  Acting Deputy Director of Broadcasting (Programmes) Kirindi CHAN, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre Prof. Eric YIM, renowned designer Alan CHAN and singer Joey YUNG were invited to the press conference. After sharing some personal thoughts related to design in her daily life and at work, Joey YUNG announced the result of “90+ Logo Design Initiative”. Local designer Jason KWAN received the award from RTHK’s representative Kirindi CHAN and HKDC’s representative Prof. Eric YIM.

  The new series of logos were then displayed on the stage and Jason KWAN was invited to share his creative concepts for each logo. To connect the channels with their audiences, he used a key visual composed of “characters” for all the new logos, since words are the most direct expression in delivering a message. This common language was used to evoke resonance among the general public, regardless of their background. KWAN believes his designs can convey the identity and different stories of the 6 local radio channels in a harmonious way, and hopes they will bring a fresh look to RTHK and its audiences.

  The “90+ Logo Design Initiative” was organized by RTHK with the support of HKDC. Local young design talents of HKDC’s “Design Incubation Programme” as well as awardees of the “DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award” were invited to participate in the campaign. Adjudication panel includes renowned designers Alan CHAN and Tommy LI, Chairman of HKDC Prof. Eric YIM, Acting Deputy Director of Broadcasting (Programmes) Kirindi CHAN, as well as artiste and designer Leo KU. The adjudication panel was impressed by the high-calibre design concepts and professionalism of young design talent Jason KWAN when he presented his creative ideas and designs. KWAN has over 10 years’ experience working with different companies and brands across multiple platforms upon his graduation from Visual Communication Design in School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009. He is currently a designer of HKDC’s “Design Incubation Programme”.

  Held at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, “90+ Logo” press conference was hosted by Alex LEE and Alyson HAU. The new logos of 6 local channels will be available on RTHK website (rthk.hk) later, including RTHK Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 and Putonghua channel.

Attachment (I) : “90+ Logo” Series (New Logos of Local Radio Channels of RTHK)
Attachment (II) : Biography of Designer Jason KWAN

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