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新聞稿 Press Release
Response by the Director of Broadcasting

With regard to media enquiries about Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) programmes posting on social media platforms for promotion, Director of Broadcasting would like to have the following response.

The recent incident regarding the posting of materials on the social media platforms reflected that there was inadequacy in the established mechanism.  To safeguard against possible recurrence, the subject was discussed in an internal meeting in the morning of 8 Mar 2018.  In view of the complexity in the operation of the issue being discussed, the posting of the materials was frozen in the same afternoon pending a review.  A formal review has been conducted with section heads concerned on 9 Mar 2018 which concluded that the 2-Tier segregation of duties should be in place for check and balance.  All colleagues must strictly follow.

As the Editor-In-Chief of RTHK, the Director of Broadcasting takes full responsibility on all matters pertaining to RTHK as a whole, including the above incident.

As a government department and a public broadcaster, RTHK has always dealt with editorial and programme matters internally and independently.

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