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新聞稿 Press Release
Public urged to stay alert to emails purported to be issued by RTHK

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has recently received enquiries from some members of the public who received fraudulent emails purporting to be issued by RTHK from the email account "quote@rthk-hk.org".  The content of the emails included invitation of quotation for procurement of goods and services as well as purchase order.

RTHK clarifies that the email account has no relation to RTHK and it has been reported to the Police for follow-up action.  Members of the public are reminded to stay alert to fraudulent activities.

Should members of the public have any queries about the activities claimed to be in the name of RTHK, please contact RTHK Enquiry Hotline 36912388 or ccu@rthk.hk for verification.

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